Top 5 and best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300

Android Custom Roms

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S3, then you would surely be passionate about trying out something new and experimenting with your phone each day. Being an android phone, there are a lot of possibilities of customizing your phone with awesome stuff.

root samsung galaxy s3

There are many custom ROMs available for Samsung Galaxy S3 which can be so creative and packed with high end performance for gaming etc. Custom ROMs are an added advantage if you are an Android user. In this post, I will be writing about 5 best custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy S3

1. OMEGA ROM for Samsung Galaxy S3

This is till date, the best custom ROM for Samsung I9300. This ROM comes with aroma installer, which makes it fully customizable. While installing this ROM, you can select what all features you want to install in your phone. This ROM is very fast and stable. Some of the features of this ROM include

  • Black statusbar
  • direct YouTube video download option
  • Omega settings
  • Note 2 style browser
  • Android 4.3 style camera and photo share app

2. Slim bean ROM

This ROM is available for almost all the major high end devices present in the market. Developed by Slim bean team, this ROM has become very popular over the period.

  • Keyboard rotaion
  • Slim center
  • Notification drawer shortcuts
  • Hardware key rebinding

3. Liquid Smooth ROM

Just as the name, this ROM will provide you very smooth and fast experience. This ROM is based on Android 4.2.2 . Once you install this ROM, you can change lock screen, status bar etc. Also, this ROM comes with theme chooser function where you can choose theme which you want to use. This is a result of Android open source project that is why it is stable and users can easily trust this.

  • Customizable lock screen
  • Transparant menu and status bar
  • Blazing fast
  • Stable
  • Great battery life

4. Android revolution HD ROM

This ROM does not as such change the visual style of your device but it is very handy when it comes about improving the battery life and speed. Being largely popular in HTC devices, this ROM boosts performance of stock ROM and makes it more stable as well as fast.

  • Great RAM optimization
  • Great battery life
  • Best for high end games
  • Multitasking

5. Avatar ROM

This ROM will give you full freedom to create almost a new ROM for your device. This is one of the greatest ROM if you want to keep experimenting with you device. After installing this ROM, you will get options of choosing and editing theme, editing and designing icons, changing fonts etc.

  • Theme Editor
  • New messaging app
  • Theme chooser
  • New lock screen
  • New status bar


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