Official Jelly bean 4.2 Canvas HD ROM for Micromax A116

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Its time to upgrade your Micromax A116 default ROM with an exciting Jelly Bean ROM. Then here is the Official Jelly bean 4.2 Canvas HD ROM for Micromax A116.

Jelly Bean 4.2 Canvas HD Upgrade for Micromax A116

Micromax A116 Canvas HD is the new release from India based cell phone company. This smartphone is gaining popularity in the android smartphones market because of its exciting features that makes it to stand against costly smartphones from Samsung, Sony and HTC. It comes with 1 GB RAM and 1.2 GHz processor which itself is the mark of good performance. Since it runs on an Android Operating System so no doubt we can root and install custom ROM to make it much faster. Here this article will guide you regarding the installation procedure of Official Jelly Bean 4.2.

Features After Installing Jelly Bean

  • Enables the user to move all app to the SD card
  • 598 MB free RAM of 1 GB.
  • Quadrant score = 4055
  • Phone storage = 0.91 GB free.
  • Nenamark = 37fps.
  • Antutu = 13262.
  • OTA Update


1. Micromax A116 Canvas HD must have CWM recovery installed on it.

  • You can use the following guide to install recovery

How to install recovery on Micromax A116 Canvas HD

2. Micromax A116 Canvas HD must be rooted.

  • To root you can use the following guide.

How to root Micromax A116 Canvas HD using CWM Recovery

3. It must have Clock Work Mode Recover installed on it.

4. Download Android 4.2 Upgrade package.

Download From Here

How to install Official Jelly bean 4.2 Canvas HD ROM for Micromax A116

1. Copy the downloaded Android Upgrade Package to the SD card.

2. Restart the cell phone then press and hold the VOLUME UP + VOLUME DOWN + POWER button to boot in the recovery mode.

3. Now use the Volume Keys to scroll and select “Backup and Restore” option from the list.

4. Backup the current default or custom ROM whatever you have now.

5. When back up is completed then select Wipe Date / Factory Reset and go to the Advanced tab to select Wipe daivik cache.

6. Here select “Install ZIP from SDCard” and choose Android 4.2 upgrade package.

7. After this upgrading will start, wait till the completion of the flashing procedure.

8. Once it is done go to Advanced tab again to Wipe better stat’s and then fix permission settings.

9. Reboot your phone and wait for few minutes to let it stabilize with the newly installed OS.

NOTE : Don’t touch anything before complete start up. It may take few minutes on the first reboot so don’t panic and just wait.

10. After all this stuff, you will get a confirmation message on screen that “Upgrade was successful”. Reboot it once again.

Now its all done. Experience the new Official Jelly Bean 4.2 upgrade for Micromax A116.

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