How to root Samsung Galaxy Mega

Android How-to Rooting

Do you have Samsung Galaxy Mega and want to explore its every feature ? Then here’s how you can root Samsung Galaxy Mega to get full access to explore it.

how to root Samsung Galaxy Mega

Samsung Galaxy Mega, also known as Samsung SGH-i527 for AT&T is a high end smartphone. It is clear from its name that how mega it is in features and specifications. It has 1.5 GB RAM which is more than enough for multitasking and even it is higher than the most costly smartphones from Samsung. And when we check its process then it is 1.7 GHz that is really a sign for super fast performance. In all it is the smartphone that every user desire. Imagine what it would be after rooting ? Considering all these things we also want to know what is its true potential. So just get in and root it with us with this tested rooting guide.


1. Charge up your battery to 80%.

2. Back up Samsung Galaxy Mega.

3. Download the following files

How to root Samsung Galaxy Mega

1. At first extract on your Desktop.

2. Launch ODIN by double clicking on ODIN3 v1.85.exe file

3. When it is up then click on PDA button and browse to the location where you had stored vcoreroot_v2.tar file.

4. Only mark “Auto Reboot” & “F.Reset Time” under “Options” section in ODIN.

Note : Make sure to uncheck “Re-Partition” check-box otherwise your phone might get brick.

5. Switch off your device and boot it in “Download Mode” by pressing and holding “Volume Down + Home + Power” buttons all together and at last “Volume Up” key just for confirming the action.

6. Now connect Samsung Galaxy Mega to the Computer through cable.

7. And then click on “Start” button to begin flashing.

That’s it. Everything has been done completely, now you just need to restart your cell phone to stabilize it. You have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Mega. Enjoy!

26 Comments to How to root Samsung Galaxy Mega

  1. It doesn’t work for the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Mega SGH-I527. It may work for other variants of this phone in other countries but the AT&T variant definitely failed in ODIN. A real root method is not even out yet for the AT&T variant of this phone. STILL WAITING, UNFORTUNATELY!!!

  2. Huh? I don’t know what your note means: “It is not in our hands.” Is this a religious comment? The AT&T phone isn’t available to you? The solution to rooting the AT&T has not yet been achieved? or . . .

      • Note Ms.D.’s comment of 10 Sept that the guide as of that date did NOT work for the AT&T bootlocked phone. Have you changed the procedures since than? Have you (or someone) tested it on an AT&T? I ask because elsewhere (xda), it was stated that the method published for the non-AT&T model bricked the AT&T i-527 so I don’t want to attempt until confirmed to work on the AT&T.

      • Why do you keep saying “The root has been achieved for sure and the same guide would work for you” when the AT&T I527 is boot locked and cannot be rooted by this method?

      • Have you gotten anybody with an AT&T branded I527 that can confirm root? Could you post a picture of the rooted device as well as the model#? I have an unlocked one as I’m using it on a different carrier and your root method failed.

          • Kunwar I get the same message as the other posters. You have yet to answer any of my questions that I asked. If you can’t answer them then just tell us the truth. Below is the error message I’m getting from Odin.

            Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
            File analysis..
            Get PIT for mapping..
            Firmware update start..
            NAND Write Start!!

            Complete(Write) operation failed.
            All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

      • Hey I’ve tried this 5 times now. My battery is at 100%. My device is confirmed unlocked as I’m using it on T-Mobile. I followed your instructions exactly. Failed every time. Can you please confirm that you’ve done this and successfully rooted a I527 AT&T Samsung Galaxy Mega. All I’m asking for is proof or some kind of response or anything.

      • If you knew anything, you would understand this does not work due to secure boot being enabled on the at&t phones. In order to flash anything that checksum must match that which has not been discovered yet as the i527 at&t firmware has never been leaked.

  3. Those 2 files above dont work ! Im trying to root my at&t galaxy mega and those are tar files not real files . Can u put up the real files if u have them thank u.

  4. i have the at&t galaxy mega sgh i527 and its unlocked and running on tmobile prepaid. i downloaded the files above and couldnt get it to work ? what am i doing wrong and is this cinfirmed to work on my phone ? help please

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