How To Fix SD Card Removed Unexpectedly Error In Galaxy Y

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In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to fix sd card removed unexpectedly error in samsung galaxy y. This is a common error for all galaxy y users who had upgraded the firmware from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 DDKJ2. Many galaxy y users are reporting that they are having this error , So i taught to make a post on how to fix this error as i did to my phone.

In the beginning i didn’t find any error in my phone ,as i upgraded my phone from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6 DDKJ2 an error has been appearing every time in my notification bar saying ” sd card removed unexpectedly “. I taught it was my phone fault , but when i google’d about this error i came to know that many galaxy y users are also facing the same error and they told me that it was the firmware fault. Then i upgraded my firmware to 2.3.6 DDKL1 (First Process) and my phone had finally recovered from the error!
Some of my friends still have same error though they have upgraded to 2.3.6 DDKL1. So what to do now??
Don’t worry I have a solution too for this error. First follow my first process if you still have the same error then follow my second process which i am going to write below…..

( Second Process:- ) Just Replace your Memory card with a New Memory card then Reset your phone , thats it! Now the error has be fixed…If you have any other issues please comment below so that i can know your problem and can fix them.

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23 Comments to How To Fix SD Card Removed Unexpectedly Error In Galaxy Y

    ->CLICK ON GMAIL ACCOUNT-> UNCHECK Sync contacts and Sync picasa Web Albums…. .not tried yet he said somewhere else..

  2. Aditya? Which card shud I buy? transcend / kingston / sandisk? or the ordinary (cheaper) card (same like the one that comes with samsung phones) will be ok?

      • Are you sure that the problem will fade away? Coz I’m a student & can’t afford much.. Here in Pakistan, sandisk card is a bit costly ! So, I just need you to reassure me that the problem will no longer stay?

          • I just want to know that will it fix the problem “sd card removed unxpectedly” OR not?

            And Are You Sure Bout it? Have You Tried it Yourself?

          • if you are getting sd card removed unexpectedly problem then its not ur sd card problem….it a bug in firmware….update your firmware to fix this!!..if you don’t have updates then try updating ur phone via kies..:D

        • My memory card is SANDISK!! but the problem still appear. i buy 2 memory card. i were upgrade my firmware..all the method that everybody though were done..but still the problem appear.what next step? help me.. :(

  3. And by the way aditya ! I didn’t update my phone.. I mean it was already updated when I brought it.. I brought it a week back.. and when I tried to update to the latest firmware.. It says “No updates are available”..

    The Andriod Version is 2.3.6
    Kernel version :
    Baseband Version : S6102XXLC2

  4. Mandeep Singh

    hi.. Aditya.. i am also facing the sme problem”sd card removed unexpectedly…
    will u please help me to solve this problm ??? .. how can i solve this problm ??

  5. Mandeep Singh

    can i update my galaxy y phone or not ?? and by updating ,the prblm can be remvd or not … please tell meeeeeee………….

  6. priyankamaheshwari

    my sd card is nt showing in my phone…can u pls help me out of dis…i hv sum important files in it…kindly help me out of dis…

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