Flappy Bird Android APK (Download and install)

Flappy bird turned out to be one of the most famous games on iTunes and Google play store. Thanks to the Vietnamese developer who did build such an addictive game.

Flappy bird had first debuted on iTunes in May 2013. The success of this game led to a great response and Don Nguyen (The only hand behind this awesome game) listed it on Google Play store a few days later.

Flappy Bird Game Play

Flappy bird consists on a bird whose fly is controlled by the player. The player need to tap on the screen to make the bird fly. In this procedure, there are some pipes on the way and there is some gap between the two ends. The user needs to take the bird from those gaps to ensure the maximum run, which gets the maximum score.

This turned out to be highly addictive game because of inability to score big and that made the game so popular that it crossed over 5 million downloads over iTunes and Google Play Store.

However, in a sudden move, the developer, Don Nguyen, took the game down from Google Play store as well as iTunes.

flappy bird android apk

The reason behind taking the game down is still not clear, but it is believed that he was threatened for some legal action against him. However, this move by the developer left millions of fans in shock. There are still millions of other people who want to download flappy bird and play on their Android Phone. so here is the solution.

The response of the fans was obvious after it was learnt that the awesome game would go down from Play Store in a few hours. So, I downloaded the apk file of the game and though to share with our readers. Flappy bird android apk file is attached in this post, using that, you can install flappy bird in your mobile and play it.

How to download flappy bird android apk

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  • Click here to download flappy bird android apk file. Flappy bird android apk will take a few seconds to download.
  • Make sure that you download the file into your mobile phone. If you have downloaded the file on your desktop, then transfer the same to the external memory of your phone.
  • Now, tap on the file and click on install. If you do not have install from third party source enabled on your phone, then it will give you a warning and show you two options.
  • Navigate to settings and tap on allow third party installations.
  • It will start installing flappy bird from the android apk file.
  • Once the game is installed, the game screen will appear and you can play flappy bird without any interruptions.

Enjoy. :) .

I hope it was useful. Do not forget to leave a thank you note in the comment section.

95 Comments to Flappy Bird Android APK (Download and install)

    • anon delivers

      I can confirm this is the original 100% clean file as it was dowloaded back then on the Play Store.

      How to check that by yourself? Easy.

      Step 1º install HashTab or any other SHA1 checker.
      Step 2º see if the sha1 of the file is the same as the following one which is the one from the original file:

      Flappy Bird v1.3 SHA1: 9f472383aa7335af4e963635d496d606cea56622
      First seen by our back end systems: 2014-01-31 02:05:50
      (Source: http://f-secure.com/weblog/archives/00002671.html )

      Enjoy your 100% genuine copy without worries as if you dowloaded it from the Play Store yourself.

  1. i like the game, i played it on a friend’s mobile. i need it for my htc wildfire. please sent it to me.

  2. Thanks for the apk. But I have one question to ask. I have played this game on windows platform and the gameplay experience was totally different and I must say better than this one. Is that any difference between both of these??

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